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How it works

We have made the complex process of ordering export plates from abroad very simple for you. You do not need to travel to Germany in order to carry out the registration. You can quickly undergo the entire process in five simple steps by ordering your export plates online very comfortably.

  1. Previous examination
  2. Fill in order form
  3. Confirm order
  4. Contact and payment
  5. Delivery

Required documents

Before starting the order process

Please make sure that you have all the necessary documents at your disposal. You will need to send us all original documents via mail once you receive the confirmation that your order can be processed.
Important: Always send all documents by recorded mail!
Please also note, that the vehicle has to be deregistered before we can carry out the registration for the export plates. (On request, we can make the deregistration for you. In this case we also need the license plates.)

For the registration we need:
  1. If you have German documents

    • your ID-card/passport in original

    • signed authority documents (you will receive them after sending a copy of your ID-card/passport)

    • German registration documents in original (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I + Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II)

    • possibly an original of an actual proof of technical control

    • contract of sale / invoice in copy

  2. "extension" of export plates

    An extension of export plates is currently not possible without presentation of the vehicle at most of registration places. If your vehicle has already got export plates and you need export plates again, please feel free to contact us - we have a solution for you!

  3. If you have foreign documents

    • your ID-card/passport in original

    • signed authority documents (you will receive them after sending a copy of your ID-card/passport)

    • foreign registration documents in original

    • contract of sale/invoice in original

    • possibly an actual proof of German technical control in original

    • possibly COC (certificate of conformity) in original

  4. If you have a new (never registered) car

    • your ID-card/passport in original

    • signed authority documents (you will receive them after sending a copy of your ID-card/passport)

    • declaration about a new and never registered vehicle (we will send you a form)

    • COC (certificate of conformity) in original

    • invoice from the car dealer in original

After receipt of your order you will be informed in detail and individually by e-mail about what documents we need in original and which are sufficient in copy by e-mail.

Processing time

From receipt of all required documents you can expect delivery of your export plates usually within three to four business days. Please note that processing may take longer for foreign vehicle documents.

Period of validity, vehicle details and holder

  1. First of all you should choose the period (period of insurance) and the first day of validity of your export plates.
  2. Then you should fill in the vehicle data of your car as well as the expiry date of the MOT.
  3. After that you can choose, which documents of the vehicle you possess.
  4. In order to calculate the motor vehicle tax, please fill in the cubic capacity and the type of fuel.
  5. Finally please fill in the holder´s personal data.

Delivery address, invoice address and contact details

  1. Please enter the invoice address first.
  2. Then enter the delivery address.
  3. Finally, please leave us your telephone number, e-mail and - if necessary - comments regarding your order.
After that the next step will be taken: Send order.

Preliminary check of the documents and exact price calculation

Please send us first all documents required via e-mail or fax. After examination of your documents we will contact you if necessary. If everything is alright, we will inform you of the total price. Please effect then payment and send us the original documents required via recorded mail to the following address:

GVA Transit GmbH
Kölner Landstr. 271
D-52351 Düren.

Registration and shipment of plates

The plates will be shipped by DHL/UPS to the delivery address on the day of registration.
That´s it!

Your advantages
  • Period of validity of up to one year
  • Insurance cover in more than 40 countries including all EU member states
  • Simple online ordering system
Application Field
  • Export of vehicles from the EU to third countries.
  • International transport of vehicles within the EU
  • Temporary registration until definitive registration is carried out and / or for vehicle modification purposes